Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Bad Management.

I apologize to all of you who had to register before posting to my blog. Unless you wanted to do so to begin with...in which case I'm posting for no reason.

I love Get Fuzzy. I think it's a brilliant comic strip, but I couldn't tell you why. To me, you've got to appreciate it in the same way you have to appreciate the Family Guy before you can enjoy it. I think it lies in the quirkiness of the characters, and the lengths a reader must go to before they can see the humor. You have to just accept that there is a talking cat that dwells in pessimism; that there's a talking dog that wears a watch and lives happily in his ignorance; that they're both owned by a dude that isn't bothered in the least that his pets are bipedal loudmouths that are plainly ruining his life.

It's also cool because the artist throws in some Wilco shout outs every now and then.

Speaking of musicians that I love, I've got almost a secret passion for Tom Waits. I believe he is probably the most original musician alive today, that is he's creating listenable music while being incredibly wacky and nearly unintelligible. He's just great. For some reason I could listen to him banging on plumbing pipes with a wrench for four and a half minutes and be completely entertained.

What else could I throw in here? Nah, I'm spent.

Happy St. David's Day.


Eben said...

I saw Dan at Best Buy today! Woot!

DCVB said...

Wasn't it remarkably like watching that famous Sasquatch video?

For those interested, I actually left my house and spent money I didn't have to buy a CD I already own (but have lost, hence the repurchase) and a 2 for $20 DVD deal thing I noticed while ambling about the store.

For those even more curious, the DVDs I bought were the following:

-The newly released special edition of The Iron Giant (for those extremely curious, it was a flick directed by Brad Bird, i.e., the dude who directed The Incredibles. If you watch the two movies, you'll see an incredible similarity in some of the character designs, much less in the general artistic style).

-Good Will Hunting, because I just can't get enough of Barney Affleck and Matt "I look like a buff DiCaprio" Damon.

Eben said...

I love the Iron Giant. Its definiately up there on the list of cool animated movies. I almost cry at the end when the Iron Giant... well I won't spoil it but he saves the world.

Dan you and your girlfriend and me and my girlfriend should go out on a double date. I know I am asking your couple out on a date online. Don't feel awkward. We just need to meet people. :)

KMFK said...

Who the fuck is Tom Waits. I listened to samples and its like what the hell. You know whos a great musician. Beck. Yeah thats right he's awesome. Dude and are you getting stoned every day or what. No way you wrote a freakin essay on why that comic strip was the shit. I mean wackin it is damn cool but you dont see me typing three paragraphs.I mean yeah it's something to type about but let me tell you something, it ain't from the streets. I mean if your talking about shoot outs,sluts,hoes,drugs or what hood you roll with no one is gonna give a hoot.

DCVB said...

KMFK...I'm not sure if I understood a word of what you just said.

KMFK said...


DCVB said...