Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Power Ballad

For those of you who don't know, I'm half of the band called Spiro. I'm big into writing and playing music as those of you who know my band can hopefully tell.

With music comes a certain territory, a cache of musical styles that are bound to be repeated with every musician who attempts to write. As you develop an ear for music and an ability for a musical instrument a variety of perks eventually show up. One of those would be the learning a song by ear. While it's something I enjoy doing and feel especially proud when I figure out songs by a musician I love, it can also have a backlash effect.

Okay, there isn't really a backlash, but what I'm hinting at is that sometimes you'll be able to pick out a song that you weren't really expecting, or trying, to. The other day, I figured out Kylie Minogue's club hit "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" on the guitar.

It entranced me. I couldn't stop playing it; I couldn't stop messing around with it. Needless to say, today I recorded a version of it that somewhat resembles a gospel-funeral dirge. Not unlike the version the Flaming Lips did a few years back.

I don't know if I'm allowed to post it or not because it's copyrighted material, but if you want to hear it (it's really short, barely under 2 minutes) or are a fan of my music, I could definitely email it to you. I think that should be okay because I don't want to make any money off of it. It's just me having fun with home recording software.

So, I'm not sure whether to be ashamed or satisfied. I guess I'll let you, my friends and fans, decide.


KMFK said...

Alright, we all know why you learned that song. Kylie Monogue is freakin hot. Shes the bomb diggity. I bet your version of the song has you stroking your guitar a lot. Eh? Eh? You know why.

DCVB said...

So, it took the mention of Kylie to get you back out here, eh? Good to hear from you again, KMFK. I was worried.

Anyway. She is pretty hot. In fact I pretty much blame her for my educational set-back. For those of you who don't know, I dropped out of Cal Poly after a single quarter of study. One of the (minor) reasons (not really) that I failed most of my classes was that in one of the student designated study-areas they had televisions blaring the latest music videos.

Kylie's "Can't Get You Out of My Head" was one of those videos that they just played over and over again. Now, you tell me, how the hell is a guy supposed to get any studying done with a woman like Kylie Minogue flapping around in front of him?

And, no. There's not a lot of stroking. I play it slow and smooth, just the way she likes it.

KMFK said...

YEAH DAN THATS WHAT I'M TALKIN ABOUT. WOO WOO! But seriously if that shits distracting you theres a very simple thing you can do. Whip it out and rub it out. Yeah its in public but who cares. If you get caught just be like "can you blame me?"