Sunday, May 22, 2005

Drunk Post #1

Yes, I'm deciding to start a new tradition here on good ole B.O.B., a series that will be a no-holds-barred feast of non-literary insight, kind of like a slam poetry open mic. No links (unless I try really hard), no spelling corrections, no rough drafts (yup, I work that hard on my normal posts). Just stream of consciousness in concise packages.

I'm watching Troy right now, being one of the few people (and what I'd consider, at least, a minimal Homeric scholar) who enjoyed the film. Not enough naked ladies in the movie, I must admit, but enjoyable enough, though it squishes the 10 year long Trojan war into a scant weekend adventure. Sean Bean's Odysseus is bar none the best casting decision of the whole movie (just behind, and in order, Brian Cox (heh, heh) as Agamemnon, then Eric Bana as Hektor).

I am currently intoxicated on the following:

-long day of work,
-three days of little sleep, and here's why: My girlfriend is currently housesitting in Arroyo Grande, a foggy polis about 15 miles South of San Luis Obispo, California. She pretends to be scared of noises and crap in the night. The plan wasn't to stay there for the night, but as a man easily swayed, I did, though I knew I wouldn't get any sleep until Sunday night. I don't have school on Fridays, so I was actually looking forward to sleeping in, but I didn't. Mornings are early at this Arroyo Grande house because the owner has many animals that become quite mobile at around 6:30 am. So, I stayed and woke up early. Friday night I worked, and because George Lucas has made a Faustian deal and ahs been able to make everybody his bitch, kept me at work until 2:30 am. I went to bed and promptly woke up at 6:30 am the next morning so I could fall into a car and drive down to Magic Mountain (yeah, the night of that crazy riot thing, but we didn't get kicked out of hte park for some reason). I got home around 1:30 am, fell asleep around 2 and woke up at 6:00 am so I could get to work at 8:00 am. So, that's why I'm really tired right now, and probably the biggest influence in my current state of increased susceptibility to fermented drinks.
-Low tolerance: I'm quite the lightweight despite my massive physique (HA!)
-Alcohol: With the combination of all the above (and a late dinner) I have also added on 2 bottles of Smirnoff Ice (to wet the whistle), and now I'm on my second glass of RUMandcoke.

I'm a little wobbly.

What I love about The Iliad over The Odyssey is it's sheer depth. It's a complicated story compared to the latter's. It's a wonder, though, that you don't see more modern interpretations of The Iliad as you do The Odyssey. Maybe it's just more fun with a cyclops.

I'm nodding off as I'm writing this, so I'm going to stop. Until next time, let's hope these posts aren't more frequent than te normal ones.


Eben said...

::sigh:: no hyperlinkies for me to clickies...

Drunk posts are only fun to see Dan write "ahs" and "hte"

Why is it that drinking renders the spelling of three letter words useless? But "faustian" comes clear and in italics?

KMFK said...

We all no why he didnt get enough sleep am I right. Girlfriend+ house sitting= OHHHH YEAHHH. Hey Dan can we please try to drink something more badass too. The only gender I see buying smirinoff ice is freakin females. Now I konw that might be all your woman has, but that was never mentioned. I love you man. Great show. You too Ryan. I want your baby.

DCVB said...

Hey, KMFK, thanks for coming. Just to let you know, they kicked us off the stage before we finished our full set-list, of which "Until I Wander" was included. I was glad you were there cause we really got good at playing that little tune (did you hear the new version on the website? I like it better than the old one, personally).

Secondly, you apparently didn't think through the Smirnoff comment.

You yourself said that Smirnoffs are where you'll find the ladies...must I say more?

Hopefully we'll be playing more this summer, though, and you can come to our shows and friggin' rock out for reals.

andy said...

You know, on the Alabama, we had this whole running joke involving one of the new guys and his "secret obsession" with Smirnoff Ice. Although it fluctuated between Smirnoff Ice and Zima, depending on who you ask...

I told you. Troy was the most brilliantly cast film and then they proceeded to have a roomfull of twelve years old boys write the script. After having read the cliff notes on the Illiad. At least the first four pages of the cliff notes, anyway. But nothing goes wrong with an overgrown Ajax with his hammer. And that hammer ain't silver, ladies! (WHOA! Passive reference to the Beatles!)

Continue to do what you do best, Dan. Or, rather "DCVB" or whatever exceedingly clever code you'd prefer.

And by the way, did eben ALWAYS look like Dilbert, or is that just the classy illustration provided? (then again, if I could attach my picture, everybody would wonder why I look like a freakin' South Park character...)

Eben said...

Dilbert has a little more jello jiggle with the cut of his jib, Andrew.

DCVB said...

I would like to say that the classic Eben design has been standard since 1995, which may predate Dilbert by a year or two, I think. My sources (memory) may be wrong, though.

DCVB said...

I should also say this in defense of Troy, not that it looks like it's in much need of defending in this place: It could have been written by George Lucas.

KMFK said...

OK DUUUDE! You guys ruuuule. I didnt even notice that you guys put me on the cd. YEAAAAAAH! Jordan had to tell me that one. THANKS SOOO MUCH. I LOVE YOU GUYS.

KMFK said...

Yeah, your right, the first version of Until I Wonder is much better.