Monday, June 06, 2005

Frolicking Tumbleweeds in the B.O.B.

Sorry for the immense gap in legitimate posts, but (as is the usual excuse concerning internet thingies) my schedule has become a little packed with various extracurricular appointments (because we all know that writing for the B.O.B. is my full-time job).

I do have a new post in the works, though. And I'll be (hopefully) posting it by the end of this week, or, at the latest, the beginning of next.

Keep a good thought,


Here are some cool links that I waste my time with.


Eben said...

Dan is in MY living room.

DCVB said...

Dude...1/4 of that living room is mine, or some fraction like that.

andy said...

I'm not allowed to discuss what is in my living room.