Saturday, August 06, 2005


Bathroom ART, that is. Here are some pictures I took whilst sitting on the john making a deposit. Lucky that I had a camera within arm's reach to capture the beauty that is my bathroom. Enjoy!

My first attempt. Not art, but at least mildly interesting.

Looking straight up from the recepticle of my waste into the skylight.

Same shot, sans flash.

And there you go! My duty and doody was completed shortly after this shot and life went on as normal.


The Phoenix said...

I think this may be a start of a brand new sub-genre of art. We can call them poopin pictures.

KMFK said...

Thanks for showin us your pooper room ya jackass.

andy said...

Ever since I was a young lad I have been fascinated with mirrors within mirrors. It's somewhat cosmic, somewhat spiritual to me. The most involving style is infinitely reflected mirrors. I used to get involved with them for considerable amounts of time, especially waiting at barber shops.

I guess it's somewhat poetic, in a way I can appreciate (given my significant dislike for poetry).

Thanks for the camera work.

DCVB said...

Well, Andrew, I'm really glad you could appreciate some of what I was trying to do. I figured you would as our minds run upon similar tracks.

Hey, KMFK, I actually took the pictures with the idea that they would be from your point of view--that's right, you'd be my waste floating in the toilet.

As for The Phoenix, I think you should continue this new tradition and take some pictures from your throne as I did mine.

KMFK said...

Sounds like fightin words old man. You wanna go?

Ryan said...

Ahh! They do look a little more sightly when the picture is not of what's in the bowl. Adds a little bit of mystery, eh?

DCVB said...

Serious, Ryan, try turning the camera around next time you feel the urge and realize the majesty this the "room" of the term "throne room."