Monday, September 05, 2005

Calm Before The Boast

Yet another diversion. I made a t-shirt this morning; I hope you enjoy it:

Its creation was birthed from a very early pounding on my bedroom door from one of my well-intentioned roommates. I had gone to bed very early that morning, having worked until 12:30 am and racing home to catch the new episode of Rome at 1:00am at my mother's HBO-infused house. I drove home after that, and when I finally settled into bed it was just after 3:00 am. Now, I'm not one who usually sleeps for 12 hours at a time, but on my birthday, at a time when I also would really like to sleep in (and am able, which is unusual), the last thing I really need is a well-intentioned roommate bashing on my door saying, "It's his birthday, he should be up and enjoying it."

I'm not one to usually announce these things...I'm just really proud of the shirt, though.

Keep a good thought,



Eben said...

Just for the record, it wasn't me pounding on the door.

The Phoenix said...

See if it was me said roomate would have been in pain afterward. I don't like being woken up if I don't HAVE to be up. I don't get much sleep as it is.

Robyn the Sweetly innocent said...

Weeeee Dan... I get to post comments on your life now... woot! instead of leaving weird comments on myspace I can leave them here! That makes me happy! woooo...
You know... i probably would have pounded on your door too... only i would be bearing food and gifts and other such fine things assoicated with birthdays! not really... i value sleep like I value money... I have loosing sleep and i hate loosing money

Dibe said...

Happy birthday compadre! Next time I see you, I will treat you to all the Captain Morgan you can stomach! Plus, I owe you another song. I'll get right on that. It's only fair. Keep on truckin'.