Sunday, October 16, 2005

More of a Bark than a Boast

With school back in session, I feel my time at the B.O.B. will become even more limited than it has been in the past--though, I make no promises.

Being an older student certainly makes me feel prematurely crochety, then again, it may just be my personality failing and not my psychology. It's bizarre to think about how young these kids around me are--most below the legal drinking age. I am at a disadvantage, being the quintessential "late bloomer", but I can't help but feel that these kids have no real idea what life is like. I readily believe I didn't achieve full consciousness until I was almost 22, and only then did I find myself with a goal, a future in mind.

In the meantime, people should go the following links (and it pains me to do this as it goes against my idea of what a good blog should be. I will eventually write about the topic of blogging someday; I've got a draft saved for it already and everything) to learn new things and for me to reveal a few more things about my mysterious yet uninteresting life:

Odysseus Unbound: For literature/history nerds like me. I got goosebumps when I heard about this. People should learn to trust writers because of incidents like this.

World of Froud: If you're a fan of either Labyrinth or The Dark Crystal, you should click on this link. Brian Froud is the art designer of both those films, a fantastically distinct style that combines a nearly-uncomfortable level of disgust with an unwieldly ability to create beauty.

Profound Darkness: One of my good friends and heroes more commonly known as Andy. He better get his website up and running soon. He's an extremist with interesting things to say. We sit about and talk about Ancient Rome together...then we go play video games.

Prarie Wind: The new album by Neil Young. It's absolutely great--then again, I'm a biased fan.

Yojimbo: My favorite movie. Directed by Akria Kurosawa and starring Toshiro Mifune. Later remade (famously) into Fistful of Dollars (starring Clint Eastwood) and (not so famously) Last Man Standing (with Bruce Willis; not a bad movie). The film was adapted from the debut novel of crime noir pioneer Dashiell Hammett called Red Harvest.

The Iliad: My favorite book, though it may seem to be a cop-out as an English major.

Motherless Brooklyn: Probably my favorite modern book, with the author, Jonathan Lethem, coming in second to my favorite modern author, Michael Chabon who wrote masterpieces such as The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, Wonder Boys, and the novella The Final Solution.

The Official Spiro Weblog: Of course, I have to plug my band.

So, I hope to get something worthwhile up here soon. I have a couple of ideas, ones I hope will generate discussion instead of falling flat. I thought of putting up examinations of Tim Burton's latest film, The Corpse Bride, but I'm afraid I don't have anything really unique to say. It's good, though it doesn't know whether it wants to be a musical or gothic fairy tale for it doesn't have enough songs to be considered a musical, I think. Hell, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory had more songs in it than the Corpse Bride. Also, if you look for them, you can find a bunch of references to Hamlet. That's my two cents.


Ryan said...

I would have welcomed a discussion about the Corpse Bride. I have mixed feelings about the film and would have enjoyed hearing from others. Thanks for all the links too. I'll never have to leave my computer now.

Robyn the Sweetly innocent said...

Dan... You are so flipping cool it's not even funny... thanks for being such an awesome friend! I know how cliche... yeah... I just thought I tell ya that
I like how they tell me to choose and identity... I have so many choices... but they only give me 3 ... what losers

andy said...

I can only help but wonder what motivated you to include me on your list of things to look at. Now people are going to expect results!

Damn you, Bethel!

KMFK said...

Why are you such an asshole dude. You know I'm not gonna read any of your blogs if they are that long. You need to make a condenced version for me dude. No joke. Go to hell.