Friday, February 24, 2006


Pre-Script: Here's the official press release of the contest winners. Apparently, it was also in the local newspaper as well, I feel so special right now.

Just a quick mumble about exciting things that I felt like sharing.

I won the honorable mention in the Cal Poly Creative Writing Contest and my story will be published along with the other winning entries in the school's literary magazine this Spring. Tonight I'm struggling with the writing of a "biographical note" that will precede the story. There just isn't much to write about, yet. One of the wonderful things about the win is the positive validation I've been receiving from members of the faculty, including my father who has proudly displayed the results outside his office door. I will also get to read an excerpt of the story at this year's Open House celebration. Needless to say, I'm excited.

Also, 2 new shirts are on sale at the Baubles of Bethel that feature strong insinuations of previous posts. Also for sale is a mug that I, at least, will surely buy. I'm very excited about it.

Those that read this know I'm not a big fan of posting stuff about my private life (despite the 2 lengthy posts about it, but that was before I learned it was a bad thing for me to do), but people hassled me to reveal this exciting little slice of the life of Bethel.

Keep a good thought,



Eben said...

Ooooh can I write your author's note?

Daniel Bethel is a as mighty as he is wise. As powerful with the blues guitar as he is smooth with the stroke of a artists pen. Fiction is the next world he plans to conquer like Alexander or Julius. This honorable mention is only the beginning for the young, but old looking maestro. He also did not write this himself as he is as modest as he is creativly beautiful.

DCVB said...

Actually, this ended up being my biographical note:

Daniel C.V. Bethel gained an interest in storytelling upon the discovery that lying was an improper social practice; it was also around this time that he stopped speaking so much. He is called a former animator, a recluse, and an enthusiast of Art History, specifically for the Italian Renaissance and Baroque periods. San Luis Obispo has been his home since birth with the exception of 370 days where he lived just as happily in Chico, California.

Very exciting, I know. I'll use your version, Eben, next time I get published (yeah, right).

Thanks for the input, though. I feel tremendously flattered. When you get published I'll have to write yours.

Ryan said...

Congrats, but I rather enjoyed Eben's version. It seemed to capture it all quite well.

andy said...

I don't know, man. The language is kind of curt, in a sort of way. Either way, there is at least one glaring disregard for grammer.

But Dan is still monumental in his ability. The real question is... when do those of us that cannot easily get the silly literary magazine get a piece of that literature?

DCVB said...

Well, the physical magazine doesn't debut until the reading (Open House) which falls upon April 22nd. I was told that I would be given some free copies, however the specific number was not disclosed. Anyways, those would probably get distributed among the branches of my divorced nuclear family (I'll see if I can hold on to any).

Unfortunately they're pretty expensive ($12 a mag), but in a year or two they'll sell them for half the price (that's how I picked up the '02 and '03 magazines this last week.

Thanks for kind words, everybody, I feel so special.

DCVB said...

Oh, Andrew, it's a disregard for grammar that you beheld, not grammer. Everybody's an editor...

Eben said...

You done benn served, Andrew! OH SNAP!

andy said...

Grammer? GRAMMER?

My Grammer done died back in December. I don't know why you have to keep rubbing THAT in.