Saturday, April 15, 2006

Brokeback Bethel

My Brokeback Mountain post was written, purposefully, before I had seen the movie. Then I saw the film and since have come to own it--no jokes, please. I enjoyed the movie immensely though I'm still not sure what got to me more: the solid acting, the haunting arppegios of the lonely background music, or the powerful story. Despite all the jokes that have been made at its expense or the strong antagonism that has greeted it since its release, the movie is an amazing piece of work as a film.

And still I can't escape it. Today, my buddy introduced me to a fantastic feature at It offers a service where, for free, a body can upload a picture and through the wiles of magical modern technology it tells you which celebrity your face remotely resembles (regardless of gender!). And, as if a clearer message were trying to be sent to me, my results were surprisingly similar despite how often I tried (in scientific investigation, not because I disliked the results, necessarily), especially with one celebrity in particular:These just represent the multiplicity of Heaths that I was given, with many of the above images being repeated within multiple results. The gauges at the bottom represent the exact percentage my photographed face resembled the respective celebrity. So I guess that the badly photoshopped image I put at the bottom of the related post is not too incorrect considering this curb between fiction and reality.

Other celebrities whom the digital diviner told I resembled were:
Johnny Depp stuck out as the real wild card for me, hinting that something about how this program works was amiss. For those of you wondering, all the pictures I submitted of me were ones I have saved on my computer from various published and unpublished Boasts and others with the exception of a few that I took at the beginning of this investigation which aren't worth looking at--I hadn't showered.

So, check it out. The service will undoubtedly give anybody who attempts it an ego-boost.

Look out for a full Boast coming soon.