Monday, July 17, 2006

Drunk Post #4

Hrello, kids. Once again, when filled with the void ;left behind by an in credible lack of subjects to write about, Dan feels he must opost another durnk postr!

I feel that this time, though I feel taht 4everyu time I do one of these I am more and more so, I am more drunk than when I posted the last one.

For anyone wondering aobut my absence from BOB, it is not because Im necessarily working on a new exciting post, then yoyu are terribly mistaken. In fact, I have not posted because I am afraid I have nothing to write about. N ot for lack of trying. I've got about three aborted posts saved on here that have amounted to nothing despite my effrots to be entertaining and informative (tyring to write what I wanted to know, that is). Due to this incredible lack of inspriation one can insinuate that that it is because my personal life is something of an active furnace right now. Once I become bored, I assure you rthat I will post something new and exciting. I promise. That's how creativity works.

So, in BoB news, I updated the "Historiacl Maladies" t-shirt to make the purpose of the front an easier read without so much reading being necessary.

That's about it. I apologize for the subpar quality of this inadequate blog in general. If it makes any difference, be assured that no matter how good a boast is, every single one is done with my best efforts, at least the best that I ca n put forward;l. I'm going to sleep now.

Keep a good thought,