Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fat Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Yes, today is actually Fat Tuesday because of all the crap I have eaten. The feasts in question have been thrown in celebration of my birthday which happened today and it was wunderbar. The ceremonies were kept to a minimum and everybody was really nice, which was all I could ask for.

Unfortunately, the biggest disappointment on my birthday came from me. The beloved shirt I crafted out of sleepy spite has gone missing, but I guess I could easily make another one...or buy it (I can feel myself selling out). For a few years, at least, I had thought of myself as bearing some semblance to a responsible adult, but as this misappropriation of personalized clothing proves, I am but a spoiled child. Oh well, it's lost to the ether that has swarmed over my life recently, both good and bad.

And as for my absence from the blogging heavens, join the hunt. My presence in general seems to be something that, as of late, fears exposure like a comic book nerd fears the sun. The truth is that, as grammatically disastrous the last Drunk Post may have seemed, its content is as true as if I had written it sober. That is, I just haven't been moved enough to spend the time and work out a thoroughly entertaining-cum-informative and interesting Boast.

In clarification, my Boast on blogging can be personally summarized as follows: I blog informal essays and you can, too. I use this arena to hone my lackluster skills as a debater and prove to myself that essays can be an entertaining read as well as being viable expressions of belief. In that regard, I haven't found something in a long time about which I feel I could express my opinion as an equally entertaining internet digression in addition to being a well written essay. Take that last sentence for example, talk about confusing.

For example, I have written a Boast regarding Superman Returns which delineates the modern definition for what a "comic book movie" is and isn't, but something wasn't working and so it sits on some server somewhere, waiting to become relevant again.

But it hasn't, and it probably won't, and that makes me sad-ish.

Things I got for my birthday:


Eben said...

Oh like you needed much pushing down the road of Batman freakdom...

But hey, welcome to the club.

DCVB said...

Hey, it was a stronger push than expected. During my tenure as a comic book nerd (but, really, does that ever go away?) I was loyal only to Marvel, and then, Image Comics. Anything else was crap.

Despite Batman being probably the best comic book hero ever created, he was firmly lodged in the evil DC universe to which even the very sound of the company brought a sneer to my face.

Even after all these years the name makes something intangible inside of me twitch, as if my detached earlobe were being flicked.