Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Literary Copulation

I graduated from Cal Poly this last December. My senior project was comprised of two short stories. I have compiled them into a tiny book, now available through CafePress.com. The short stories are Chiaroscuro, which won honorable mention in Cal Poly's creative writing contest last year, and a longer one called Arrested Decay. The smart cover was designed and photographed by my good friend, Josh Tobey (yes, that's a penis on his front page). I called the project The Hands That Built The World, a line from the second story that I felt applied to themes from both. How? You'll just have to find out.

It's unfortunately a whopping $9.00 a pop, but well worth it for the stories inside. I did raise the price from the base price of $8.77, so I'm making a $.23 profit from each book, but I figured if I'm going to make any money off of any of the stuff that nobody's buying, it would be this one.

Here is the front cover:

And here's the back:

So, if you pick one up, I hope you enjoy it, if not, well then I hope you contemplate it. The actual production of the book was a lot of fun to do and these stories I'm really proud of. I'm thinking I would like to do two of these a year. It would motivate me to write regularly and maybe give me more confidence to ship stories out to magazines.

Keep a good thought.


Eben said...

Damnit.. I was hoping o get one of the damn fre copies... oh well.
I'll buy when I get my new card from the bank

andy said...

Now we all have to start publishing some form of media. Like books and things. Damn you, D. C. V. Bethel!!

andy said...

As a further thought... it took me ages to figure out what you meant by the penis. I spent at least five minutes staring at the cover image to your book, thinking "What the hell part of a penis is that?"

D.C.V. Bethel said...

There's no penis on my book, as I'm guessing you surmised. It's on Josh's website.

D.C.V. Bethel said...

Oh yeah...Final Fantasy VI shall be released on the fifth! OMG!!!!@!